Wayne Manselle

Resourceful, broadly experienced, technologist.

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Broadly Talented

The projects I have worked and consulted on range in technology and specialization. I have cultivated the ability to learn quickly and adapt to and leverage technologies and methodologies new to me for the success of the project group.


Driven to Achieve

My work has contributed to multiple PhD candidates careers, plucky DIY music communities, and the successful business operations of a fast growing health insurance company. At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to contribute, improve, and achieve the best results within my reach.


Committed to Teamwork

I have worked closely with individuals from a plethora of professional backgrounds. Through these relationships I have cultivated patience, and listening skills to help collaborators and their projects satisfactorially achieve their goals.

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Contact Me

Interested in my past work? Have a cool idea you want to run past me? Just want to chat? Drop me a line.

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