About Viridian Forge Software

Hi there!

Viridian Forge Software is owned andWayne Manselle, owner of Viridian Forge Software operated by Wayne Manselle.  Wayne is a freelance software developer who specializes in scientific applications.  He has a decade of experience working in research environments, and has a deep interest in building software that aids scientists in expanding the boundaries of human knowledge.

His hobbies include exploring the martial arts and writing.

He has been learning Systema from Matt Lowes since 2008.  With his friend Ryan Quitzow-James, he helps lead a weekend study group in the art in Eugene, Oregon.

He also writes a monthly column, “Stokin’ the Forge”, for the Chiptunes=WIN blog.  The column has been running since December of 2013.  He also assists on the blog’s editing team, and supports it with the development of custom software such as the ChipWINdex.